Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Once upon a time...

Imagine you spent many months of your life trapped in a tiny little prison with very little room to roam, a miniature washer and dryer and no dishwasher. Granted, your prison had a pretty big bathroom and fit a comfy couch in front of a pretty good-sized television, but it still felt cramped and cold (did I mention the heat worked only intermittently?)

Anyway, you worked really hard, saved your money and purchased a castle to make your own. Imagine you put your heart and soul (and even some of the blood from your knuckles) into this castle so it had beautiful rooms filled with colorful paint instead of wallpaper and the most gorgeous hardwood floors instead of, say, pink carpeting.

And just as you were starting to feel as though the castle was really yours, you were forced to move back to the prison. Even if it was for, oh, only four days or so, you would really miss the castle, wouldn’t you? And those four days would probably feel like 40 days, don’t you think?

So, that’s my announcement. We’re back in our old place for a few days while we have the hardwood floors in our castle refinished. And even though our place isn’t quite a prison– now with television! And a real bed!– it isn’t where I’d like to be living right now (Now appearing with no dryer! And sporadic heat!) But it’s only for a few days (did I mention we get to sleep on our bed instead of a futon? It’s almost worth it!) and then we’ll get to move back into our house and work our fingers to the bone again.

I am not organized enough to have the before and after photos ready to post, but I will eventually. And overall, I’m really happy with how everything is going, even if it is a little too slowly for my tastes.

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Molly said...

How dreadful that you had to move out of your castle (doesn't that sound good with my English accent?!). Hopefully one will acquire their castle back in due course and all will be well and you will live happily ever after!