Thursday, February 08, 2007

@#%@ blogger.

bad sign when you start typing a subject line with funny characters so as not to type the actual swear word you were thinking, and google pre-populates the form. apparently, google and i have been down this road before.

@#$@% google.

so anyway- i've been incognito, trying to post comments, but stupid blogger doesn't like stupid safari and it's been causing me problems. so here are the comments i was going to say:

KAT: no shout out for the wallpaper debacle? come on now! for the record, i only chewed on a minimal amount of paper.
Chris: they burned witches in *massachussetts* -- you know, where the pilgrims fled from .. oh. nevermind.
Molly: plaster walls: fun to paint, not fun to knock down.

in other news: if you got bit by a rat, that you found in your apartment -- would you go around telling the story? because i wouldn't. i wouldnt' want people to think i live in a place with a rat. ewww. and how can a rat leap at you? and if a rat is hissing at you, don't you run away? (so there's this woman that i work with that got bit by a rat. that's where i was going with this.)


Molly said...

Did you look at her with disgust, as in disgust that she had a rat in her apartment and disgust that she was bitten by it and might now be the carrier of some horrid disease, therefore you want nothing more to do with her? That's what I would have done.

KAT said...

Yuck. And what is wrong with me that my first thought is how funny it would be if you left a big piece of cheese on her desk?

That's a pretty mean thing to do... and I would NEVER advocate doing something like that. But you know, it would be pretty funny.

sj said...

molly - very close. she was describing to me the shots she had to get (tetanus, but not rabies) and i did actually say: "don't they carry the plague?"

and truthfully, i didn't much care for her BEFORE she got bitten by a rat.

Chris said...

Ah yes Massechusetts...

I think I have heard of it...

Is that where the Beegees are from?