Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How to Make Friends 101

Step one, if you stare at someone long enough, they’re bound to notice. That’s what happened to me this morning. I walked up some stairs behind a girl with fabulous suede boots on and could not stop looking at them. So as we walked across a plaza, I kept glancing over at her.

And every time I looked at her, I noticed she was looking back. It got to the point where I had to either explain why I was staring or just stop looking. But I took one more peek, which is when she said, “Stop looking at me, you freak! What is wrong with you?!?”

Actually, that’s not true (although I wouldn’t have blamed her in the least because it’s not comfortable to have a stranger stare at you, cute boots or not). What she said was, “I’m sorry for staring. I’m looking at your jeans.”

To which I replied, “I’ve been looking at your boots!” And a short conversation was struck up about where to shop for said jeans and boots. (And I’d like to point out here that I was wearing the questionably fashionable jeans that SJ and I cut and frayed at the bottoms. They’re practically homemade!)

And it’s not like I got her number or anything (would that have been weird?) but I bet I could have. And then I would have had a new friend… and a great story about how we met that didn't involve one of us being really mean about the other's clothing choice (ahem, SJ... remember that shirt you wore to the interview where we met? I still call awful!)


Molly said...

I met my best friend Bunny in Marshalls (clothing store) because I asked her where she was from as she had a strange accent. Turns out it was Canada! Still, she followed me into the parking lot, gave me her number and we have been BFF eversince. So much so we are planning around when her husband dies, how we can move in together and live as old friends! Creepy, yes, lesbians, no.

sj said...

i still wear that shirt when in your presense just because every time, it reminds me of why we're friends. or. well, how we may not have been friends, but then we ended up being friends - and oh forget it. you know what i mean.