Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Your hair looks great today!

YOU! You, in the white shirt. And you sitting in front of that computer. Yes, you.

You’re a lurker. And that’s OK. We know there are some of you who read this blog and don’t comment. We know you’re out there. In fact, I sometimes talk to you on the phone and you say things like, “I want to comment, but I never have anything funny to say.” But it’s fine that your comment isn’t funny. Heck, I post plenty of stuff that isn’t funny. I mean, we can’t all be as funny as SJ, can we?

There are some of you who check the blog from work and don’t comment because you value your job. We just love that you drop by and it’s fine if you don’t let us know you’re here or even who you are (although someone named “Anonymous” has clued us in to a couple of identities). We’re not trying to out you or anything, just want to say hello and thank you for caring enough about our little lives to read our blog.

And we want to point out our fabulous email address that is listed in the sidebar to the right. It’s easy to remember: funny.gals@yahoo.com and we promise to read every email (all three of them). You can use it to comment to us without having all of our thousands of fans read what you write, you can test out material on us before posting it, you can even add us to some random list that will send us huge amounts of spam on a daily basis (don’t worry, we’ll still like you).

Or you can remain out there in cyberspace, never to be known to us, but appreciated all the same. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Gosh- I am going to have to change my name....Hey SJ - ya think I can get a 'shirt' made with my new name on it...

stac said...

Ha - And I thought that post was going to be about someones new haircut!

Ok SJ - you having too much fun w/that new car of yours to post a picture of it or something??

sj said...

oh stac -- you way overestimate my technical abilities. actually, we don't own either a digital camera or a camera phone. besides, we're hoping to actually see you in person at some point so maybe you'll get to check out the new car in real life! :) (seriously - we miss you. game night? dinner at cassille's?)