Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i don't like turkey. so let's go to puerto rico!

my sister in law and brother in law are off to puerto rico to celebrate thanksgiving. which is kind of funny when you think about it. because we live in new england. how more pilgrim can you get than that? (okay -- we could live in massachussetts, so i guess there's that....)

that means that tomorrow will be a low-key thanksgiving with just me, j and my in laws. not a bad day at all. lots of eating, lots of movies, quiet. not a lot of talking. just lots of eating. and asking about babies. but did i mention the food? there will be a lot of it.

and heck, i love turkey. you won't find me escaping the contiguous united states in order to get away from the big ol' birds.

my tasks are sweet potatoes and pecan pie. very traditional, and two of my favorite dishes. my biggest concern about the day is whether to go with the maple syrup pecan pie or the chocolate chip pecan pie? i love that this is my biggest concern of the day. i should have more days like that.

and four days off! a three-day turkey coma! fantastic!

so you know we had to ask it... what are you thankful for this thanksgiving? i love these lists, but i also know how mushy these things can get, so i kind of made my own (so you all could be thankful that i asked such silly questions). so here you go:

1) Name two people you are thankful to have had in your life.
anonymous and KAT. anonymous makes me realize the value of family and makes me feel sane. KAT makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt, my nose runs and on occassion, i cry. from laughing. she's never punched me in the nose or anything.

2) Name one movie you are thankful was made.
when harry met sally. i always have something to quote. it applies to so many situations. ordering at a diner, love, marraige, break-ups, friendships. new years eve.

3) Name one activity you are thankful to do.
walking. particularly because a coworker recently tore his achilles heel.

4) Name the flavor of ice cream you are thankful for.
vanilla. it's the base for so many other fantastic flavors. like cookies and cream. graham cracker smacker. without vanilla, where would we be?

5) Name one activity you are thankful that you do not have to do.
cook a turkey.


Molly said...

Sounds like you are going to have the perfect Thanksgiving but you failed to mention alcohol, and we all know that any celebration is only complete when alcohol is served. So please drink more wine!

Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

sj said...

good call, molly!!

there will be wine. and we'll see KAT and the ph tonight -- so there may also be scorpion bowls!

happy thanksgiving to you and your adorable son :)

Anonymous said...

Alcohol is an IMPORTANT part of EVERY Holiday... not only THanksgiving, but Black Friday..Christmas..New Years...New Years Day, My Birthday, Valentines Day... Sj's Birthday...
I better stop...someone may think i Have a drinking problem... ha ha

Happy Thanksgiving to Kat and SJ.. I am thankful to have such funny people in my life to make me laugh!