Wednesday, November 15, 2006

i was going to wait, but...

it just occurred to me that poor anonymous is sitting here thinking - oh my god, i saw her last night - she didn't tell me she's pregnant.

that's because i'm not.

i got my new car!

an 07 jetta. i was going to go all high tech here and include a photo, but i don't have a digital camera. not even a camera phone. so sorry.

but yeah. the whole process was made even more painful by our total (insert adjective expletive here) salesman who tried to tell me that all of the options i had on my old car didn't matter for its trade-in value ("really? so why do i have to pay extra if i want a sunroof on my new car?")

he was the biggest jerk i've ever encountered. and looked amazingly like robin williams' character in the cadillac man.


but yay!


Anonymous said...

wow- Stac really scared me...I would have been pretty upset if you were pregnant and used the new car to 'stall the announcement'

Yippee for the new car! Car salesman are the WORST.. I hate them... and most hate me. I do have One, just ONE, that I seem to get along Very well with, but that is only because his mom-knows-my-mom type thing...

Congrats on the new addition.. have we named eh... her??

Molly said...

Car salesman suck balls! Glad you have a nice new shiny car though! Woohoo for you!

stac said...

Congrats on the new car!! Yup - car salesmen are all sleeze bags, but at least something good usually comes out after dealing with them.