Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Allow me to rant...

SJ promised she would be posting something today… and she has some exciting news to share with all of our loyal readers (hi BAC, hi Stac, hi Anonymous, hi Molly!). I don’t want to steal her thunder or take up her allotted posting space, but I couldn’t let this pass without comment.

OJ Simpson is going on national television to talk about how he would have killed his wife and her friend if he had done it. He’s promoting a book he’s writing called “If I Did It.”

What is wrong with this guy?!? If you had murdered someone and been fortunate enough to be acquitted, wouldn’t you want to live your life as quietly as possible? Maybe disappear from the media spotlight and try to never be associated with the crime again?

Or would you do like Mr. Dumbass and talk about the crime (hypothetically, of course!) in the event you could inadvertently reveal new evidence and get pulled up on new charges? I don’t know if that’s possible, but I’m horrified that he is doing this, making money off such a tragedy and throwing it in everyone’s faces that he got away with murder.

What a world we live in.


stac said...

Ok - I'm guessing here, but either SJ just bought herself a new car or she's pregnant. Ok SJ - post already!! The suspense is killing me!

Molly said...

I feel so bad for OJ's kids and Nicole Simpson's family. What is wrong with this man? We all know of course that he did do it, maybe he should write a book called "Yes, It Was Me".

What a complete and utter wanker!