Friday, September 29, 2006

That ringing in my head is wedding bells

Don’t tell the Pretend Husband (who is already feeling a lot of pressure from friends– and from me, I suppose– to become the Real Husband)… but last night I dreamt he proposed. It was a very wacky dream. First, he did the whole on-one-knee and asking me to marry him, but the first thing I noticed when he pulled out the ring is that it had a gold band.

I don’t wear gold… never… not ever. And the PH knows this, so the chances of my real ring being yellow gold are zero. But in my dream, the ring had a big ol’ gold band. And it got worse… the ring was actually the name “Lisa” (no idea why) in tons of rhinestones. The letters stood about three inches off my finger! I didn’t know how to tell the PH that it just wasn’t my style. Especially because my name’s not Lisa!

Then he somehow got me a second engagement ring (perhaps we sold the first one to someone named Lisa?). But this ring was very flimsy. It had two white wires and between the wires were strung some beautiful, round diamonds. But they were strung on thread that broke as soon as I put the ring on my finger. So I was embarrassed to tell anyone that I had gotten engaged because I knew they would ask to see the ring, which was in tatters on my finger. Very strange…

Can you tell I’ve had weddings on my mind lately? We have two to go to in October, my sister and my best friend from high school are both planning spring weddings and one of the PH’s friends just got engaged last weekend. I know it’s going to happen for us and I’m in no rush. Sure, I like to tell the PH that people at work have a bet going about when he’s going to pop the question. It’s really not “if,” but “when.” I haven’t told him this because I honestly don’t want to pressure him, but I have the last two weeks of January in the office pool.

How about you, Internet friends? Care to get in on this one? I’ll figure out some fabulous prize (which may or may not involve having to design a new blog for us!) for the winner. Enter your guess (you can guess a month or half of a month) in the comment section. Let the proposing begin!


Molly said...

Don't read too much into your dreams, when I was pregnant all my dreams were that I was having a little girl, even when I knew I was having a boy!

I think deep down us girls like the happy ending, and although you are fabulously happy with the PH, ultimately we want that extra commitment. Or even the chance to um and arr over it and make a decision! We just want to know that we are loved, and I am sure he loves you to pieces. But I am betting you will either get married at the end of next year, or in the summer of the following year. Just a hunch!

Anonymous said...

I say by July