Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm all bad-ass and stuff...

I got a tattoo. Well, not a real tattoo because that would totally hurt. I heard they actually use needles for the real ones and as someone who passes out at the thought of blood or needles (and don’t even get me started on needles taking blood out!), there’s no way I was going that route.

But I got a way-cool stick-on tattoo that has lasted five days now and has hardly even worn off (despite multiple requests from the Pretend Husband to remove it and some heavy scrubbing by yours truly). We went to an amusement park on Saturday and I noticed an airbrush tattoo place, something I had never seen before (mainly because I haven’t been to an amusement park since I was a kid and I think that’s before airbrushes were even invented). Anyway, for the very reasonable price of $5, I would have gotten a very badass “tattoo” of a flaming soccer ball. (I was going to request it on my breast because really, what says “family day at the amusement park” more than the chance for the kiddies to see real boobage?!?)

Anyway, the three adults I was with (last time I take adults to the amusement park!) vetoed the idea because they apparently would have rather spent their hard-earned money on things like “lunch” and “gas.” I did, however, convince one of them to spend some of the tickets we won at the arcade (not too adult for Skee-ball, apparently!) on two barbed wire press-on tattoos.

So I slapped that baby on my ankle (I didn’t even cry!) and headed out into the world to prove that I’m one of the cool kids. Of course, I totally forgot about my gynecologist appointment on Monday morning so I not only showed up with a barbed wire tattoo on my ankle, it wasn’t even real! Rather than let her wonder what kind of 29-year-old goes around with a fake ankle tattoo, I tried to explain (i.e. lie). “I was hanging out with some kids this weekend and they convinced me to put on a fake tattoo with them.”

So yes, I let the idea of all the cool kids at the amusement park getting the airbrushed tattoos convince me that a press-on one was a great way for an adult to be looking. Just don’t say, “if all the cool kids were jumping off a bridge, would you?” Because I just might if it involved a flaming soccer ball on my boob.


Molly said...

I am SO glad that is temporary! I am not a tattoo girl myself but hey, if it made you happy for five days, this is all that matters!

BAC said...

Let it be known that not all of your friends were anti-soccer ball tattoos on your boobs - I was all for it - I just wasn't going to get one myself. however, I think your barbed-wire one was Way Cool - I bet the gynocologist liked it too :-). My RH (real husband) looked darn sexy with his press-on tattoo - I was mildly disappointed when it wore off - we'll have to go play skeetball again so you can get some more. I might even cross those wild and crazy lines and get one with you guys...who says thirty year olds can't have fun!