Friday, September 08, 2006

Schmaltzy stuff about my boyfriend (consider yourself warned!)

As part of my perpetual research into the human psyche, I read a lot of blogs (unless you’re my boss, then you should know that I’ve never read a blog in my life and have dedicated every minute I’m in the office to doing work. Personal email? What’s that?)

Anyway, through my “research,” I’ve learned that pretty much anything is fair game on the Internet. I think people feel the anonymity of a blog allows them to say things (or rant, if you will) that they might not say to the person they are jonesing to smack upside the head. But this is pretty much what a blog is for. The part I have a hard time understanding is the people who share such intimate, personal details about their lives.

The idea of sharing such personal stuff– and the things people write at True Wife Confessions (really… check this site out)– got me thinking about what complaints I have about the Pretend Husband. We’ve been living together now for a number of months so there must be plenty of things he does that get on my nerves, right? Well, actually, there aren’t any (and I’m not just saying that so he’ll read this and love me even more than he does… he assures me he’s never read the blog and I don’t think he’d be able to find it even if he did want to read it). Feel free to try to find something to complain about in this:

The guy takes the morning shift for the dog every single day. He’ll get up at 4 a.m. when she starts whining and bring her to bed. When he gets up for work, he takes her outside and gives her breakfast. Admittedly, there are some Saturday mornings when he just can’t deal with another early day (or with the fact that I tend to sleep through Molly’s whining) and he pokes me in the back until I wake up. That’s when I will gladly (OK, maybe not gladly, more like sleepily) take the dog out in exchange for the five mornings a week I get to stay in the warm bed.

I’m a kept woman. I often arrive home from work three hours before the PH. Do I then slave over the stove to have dinner waiting for him when he gets home? Sometimes, but not often. More likely, I take the dog for a walk, do some laundry and then sit down to read or do the crossword puzzle until he gets home to make me dinner. We’ve decided he’s a much better cook than I am and although he works a much longer day than I do, he enjoys cooking. Who am I to question that?

He has never gone more than a day without telling me he loves me. In fact, I often get a text message when I wake up reminding me how he feels, voicemails throughout the day that end with “love you” and the occasional email with the same sentiment. He’s also never gone to sleep without kissing me goodnight, regardless of how miffed we might be with one another.

I figure that’s enough personal stuff about us for now (hypocrite alert: she complains about other people posting intimate details then does it herself!) but I can honestly say that he is the first boyfriend I’ve had who I don’t have any complaints about. Love is love; true love is being able to say that.


sj said...

gag me with a spoon! i'm totally kidding.

it's true, he is a great guy. i believe i mentioned that for 3 years or so prior to you guys actually giving it a shot ;)

my husband, as we all know, not only takes our 50 pound dog down the stairs every morning, but he also does my laundry and cleans.

i know i'm a lucky woman.

Molly said...

You guys suck! Do either one of these great men have a brother? Cousin? Friend? Anyone??????

Very happy for both of you *she says through gritted teeth and a fake wide smile*