Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A lesson at the gas pump.

an open letter to the guy in the pickup truck on the merritt parkway near the orange rest stop:

you are an idiot. you honked your horn, loudly and obnoxiously at me while i tried to merge into your lane in order to get gas. you are an idiot because you thought that it was a better idea to try and pass me on the right rather than slow down to let me in. you drag-raced me for a half mile before the exit, as i tried to move over. so when i cut you off to get over into the rest area, don't honk you horn at me, idiot. honk your horn at your own poor driving skills and ineptitude. you don't need to go 75 in the right hand lane of the very dark, windy, park way. rather than honking your horn to make everyone pay attention to you as you angrily sounded off at me while i pulled in to get gas, you should have just silently merged over to the left hand lane and went about your way.

you're an idiot. hang your head in shame.

and now to the other idiots. the man who took 5 minutes to pump $3 worth of gas for his suzuki motorcycle - mostly because he was busy flirting with one of the three idiot girls in front of me that could not figure out why the gas would not pump. after several minutes of all three investigating, they went to get an attendant.

because i have a tendency to think the best of people and not just assume that everyone is an idiot (unless they're bad drivers who honk at me), i would not have guessed that they didn't realize that in order for the pump to work, they had to lift the lever.

now, there are really only three basic instructions for pumping gas, written in plain site on the pump. 1) Pay by cash inside or insert your credit card. 2) Remove nozzle. 3) Lift lever to begin pumping.

Apparently, Exxon needs to look into this matter, because 3 college students (I presume, from the Fairfield University sweatshirt and sticker on the back of the Pontiac) couldn't figure this out.

So that was my Monday.... hopefuly yours was better.


Anonymous said...

They could have been 'college' wannabe's and bought the sticker and sweatshirts to make an impression on Real college graduates that are behind them in line at the gas station.


Anonymous said...

I can't resist... were they blonde??