Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A failed experiment

Ok, our blog is probably looking a lot like it did last week. We tried to make it snazzy and eye-catching and more visually interesting... and we failed. Actually, to be fair, most of the changes you'll find on the blog were made by SJ. It seems her way of doing things-- actually knowing what you're doing when you write computer code-- is far superior to my process-- randomly changing code and seeing what happens.

We are not completely defeated, though. I would expect that you may see some changes here and there until we get the kinks out and can have a completely revamped image. In the meantime, please keep coming back and commenting-- especially if you know html!


Molly said...

I can help you out if you want, you need to get your e-mail address over to me and then we can communicate. Not brilliantly clever but can figure it out one way or another. At least I didn't get an error message when I clicked on you this time!

sj said...

thanks, molly!

we may take up on that.... but tell me, what is this "e-maill address" which you speak of? (just a little bit of hyperbole to prove what an idiot i am)