Friday, August 18, 2006

Maybe I can borrow some teething rings from my nephews...

Yesterday, armed with a maglite longer than my arm, a mirror the size of a compact and with the help of Bailey's nose, I made a discovery.

I appear to be teething. There is a small tooth like bump appearing where i'm not supposed to have any teeth.

I've had my wisdom teeth removed -- twice in fact. The first time it left me with no feeling on parts of my lips and chin.

The second time, it seemed to go okay, but now, I've made the discovery that it's possible that he didn't get it all.

Is it possible, you think, to have five wisdom teeth? or do you think he maybe... missed a spot? which leads me to wonder if maybe i shouldn't be going back for the THIRD time to the same doctor. but, i figure, he messed it up, he can fix it. besides, he actually called me at home after my first surgery to make sure i was okay. that's nice bedside manner, calling your patients on a friday night at 8 p.m.


Molly said...

I think you should revisit the same dentist because he can foot the bill if he didn't do the job properly before! That sucks, I had my four wisdom teeth removed and luckily none ever came back. Perhaps you are a one of a kind, maybe scientists will study you and you will be in all the dentists textbooks in the future!

sj said...

Molly, I greatly appreciate your positive attitude. That's the spirit! I've always wanted to attain greatness. I hadn't thought of that path being through a dentist's textbook, but there you go.