Friday, April 28, 2006

Millions of shrubs have died because of me.

I just got back from a meeting when the office manager tracked me down and said that she had ordered my new business cards. she got my new title from my boss. this whole exchange lasted 2 seconds, and sent me into a world of fury.

my first instinct was to march into his office and say "i don't need any new business cards." my title is about to change, and while my responsiblities are increasing dramatically, my title is one of those vague kind of titles where you wonder what someone actually does.

i was incensed to the point of hives. little known sj fact: when i am upset about something, i get red blotchy hives on my chest. and today i have a button down shirt open at the neck.

but, at any rate, i didn't march into his office and say anything. I was tempted to say "don't bother, I'm not going to be here that long and I still have plenty from my last title." But I didn't.

I have a good solid collection of business cards. I have had at least four, and this will be my fifth. It seems like an unfair plague upon the environment that I keep going through these title changes. And it's not like I need a card. So, do more shrubs have to die because I have to work more?

It just doesn't seem fair.

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erin k. said...

i still get hives, too, but usually from acidic food (pineapple, strawberries, tomatoes). But one time i coincidentally got them right before a seventh-grade dance (which I am sure i was also nervous about). So still, whenever i get hives and my brother hears about it, he asks, "is there a dance coming up?" Not sure why i shared all that, other than i'm taking your "more reader participation" request seriously. :)