Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dieting sucks.

It seemed like such a simple task. Dig the plastic bin of summer clothes out of the crawl space, put the clothes into the appropriate drawers and be ready to face the warm weather.
What I hadn’t counted on was having to take off the sweater I was unwittingly hiding under all winter. Slipping into some capris and a T-shirt, I couldn’t help but notice the additions to my waist and hips that made zipping up the pants a bit more difficult than I remembered. While I went merrily on my way this winter, pretty much eating whatever made me happy, my body was rebelling against me by actually retaining those calories! (Stupid body!)
This revelation (you’d think by my age, I would have figured out the correlation between overeating and gain weight!) happened to come around the same time as a phone conversation with my friend, MM. She mentioned that the day we were talking was exactly three months before her wedding. You know, the wedding that I am committed to appearing in… in a form-fitting bridesmaid’s dress, no less. And I PROMISED the bridal shop owner that I would lose those last few pounds by July by playing plenty of soccer (just for the record, I never promised to watch what I ate!)
Needless to say, I’m dieting. Not very well since I have already consumed two pieces of chocolate today (my only excuse is that I’m stressed, but I realize how lame that sounds). But I’m heartened by the fact that the warm weather seems to be settling in and there will be plenty of opportunities to go for walks and run around outside.
I just need to make sure I take advantage of those opportunities. Otherwise, I may be bringing a few uninvited guests on my hips to MM’s wedding.


sj said...

i was kind of hoping that i would be pregnant by the time the summer weddings rolled around so that i could have an excuse for hiding behind billowy flouered dresses.

But alas, I failed to mention this plan to j, and now i have to do
some situps.

Anonymous said...

I was reading this post while eating 3 chocolate glazed minis from Whole Donut- (they are free with any size coffee) What is a mini you ask? They are just mini donuts-and of course you get 3 free- and you cant just eat ONE Of I ate them in a salute to you and your diet... I ate your chocolate for you today