Monday, April 03, 2006


sunday usually means family dinner for us, and yesterday was no different. only much to my delight, yesterday's family dinner was with my family, complete with babies and laughter and a dog.

now, it's true that usually spending time with my nephews makes me want to have kids. but. yesterday, with the loud din of baby 1 crying while baby 2 looked on bewildered, and both sets of parents were trying to eat their dinner all the while getting advice from my mom....

"wow. this is more effective than ortho-tricyclen."

and can i just say that getting the baby dressed is like trying to put feetsy pajamas on a cup of coffee? only without the cup?


Anonymous said...

Putting clothing on your young nephew is like dressing a cat, he climbs everywhere and if he cant climb he takes off on all fours...scurring as fast as he can with an evil-like giggle as to say "ha ha ha you cant catch me"

stac said...

Gotta love it when they try to run away from you in mid-diaper change too!