Friday, March 24, 2006


that's an expression i rarely use, but it was HARD to get out of bed this morning. last night was the billy joel concert in hartford -- and yes-- it was great. i wasn't expecting him to be as awesome as he was.

well done, billy.

in other exciting news, bailey has developed a taste for diet pepsi. i thought he was sleeping on the couch, and next i hear a faint metallic "tinkle, tinkle."

it was the brush of his collar against my glass. i yelled, and he looked so startled... and turned to me: "what?! i'm thirsty." he then moved to the recliner.

we're working on figuring out the whole photo thing so you can get the visuals of crazy hyper dog with off switch that is bailey and spunky cute little ewok that is molly.

not much else is going on today except that we're already planning our anniversary post. that's right, dear readers, we're hitting our 100th post soon.

so, in preparation, feel free to let us know your favorite posts. we're collecting our own favorites for a little Simpsons-esque tribute.

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Anonymous said...

I would have to say my fav posts are about your "children".. and the things they do....