Wednesday, March 01, 2006

KAT and SJ on baking

From an email exchange today:

sj: I'll bring dessert if we come down for dinner. I have to practice a recipe I want to do for easter, so maybe you guys will be my guinea pigs.
I need to find dry yeast, cardamom and cornstarch, which I may or may not have. I also have to figure out how to convert ounces to actual measurements.

KAT:I'm a little wary about a dessert that calls for dry yeast and cardamom (especially not having a clue what cardamom is!) But your stuff usually turns out well so I'm willing to take a chance on it. I'll go to the jewelry party with you if you'd like the company. I don't know where the cheesecake plan comes in, but I'm not going to argue with it (weren't you craving cheesecake a couple of weeks ago?) Maybe I can even make a cheesecake and we can meet the guys for cards... just an idea.

sj: Have you ever made a cheesecake before? I've never made a real one, just the cheater kind that you can use the ready made crusts for. i do have a springform pan, however.. I've only ever made my flourless chocolate cake with it though.

KAT: think I made a cheesecake with my mom once. And I've made the cheating kinds. In any case, how hard can it be? :) I'm thinking it's pretty difficult to mess up cheesecake because, regardless of the consistency, you still end up with cheese (good!) and cake (good!) I'm willing to give it a try.

sj: It's more that you need to be careful about the temperature, or it will crack or sink. Or not set right, or something. i'm not a stickler for appearances, though, since I like to use frosting to fuse things together. (that rule applies to life in general -- oh look, I broke my shoe. Pass me the Duncan hines..)

If you are making a cheesecake, my request is for chocolate chip.


KAT said...

This just goes to show how complicated our relationship is. Even dessert requires a bunch of emails to coordinate!

stac said...

this is why the jello no-bake stuff is my best friend!

Anonymous said...

Do you need taste testers?