Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm turning myself in to the fashion police.

So do you ever look in the mirror in the ladies room at work and wonder what happened to you that makes you wear clothes that your mom bought you for Christmas two years ago and you had sworn you would return because it’s so not you?

I hate, hate, hate getting ready for work in the morning.

I have the best of intentions the night before, and think “I’m going to wear my contacts, and a skirt, with my fabulous black anne klein pumps” but then show up wearing camel wool pants that should have been pressed with a grey cable knit sweater so big and bulky that you can’t hide the fact that it was once your husband’s?

I absolutely realize that I am such a prime candidate for a makeover that I live in constant fear of seeing the crew from “What Not to Wear” showing up at my workplace. I’d promise them I have suits, fashionable pointy-toed shoes and lots of smart button down silk shirts and bright colors, and I do have skirts that go above the knee, tastefully.

But despite my frequent Avon orders, I don’t wear lots of makeup, the clothing I do choose to wear is best described as “casual and quick and usually matching,” as opposed to “just stepped out of j. crew’s career section,” and wear the same comfy steve madden loafers almost every day. It just doesn’t matter to me that they don’t always match.

I’d say, that it’s possible that I’m fashionably depressed. is that possible?


KAT said...

I thought you WERE the fashion police! I'm always getting comments from you about how I never switch up my dressier outfits. I am going to print out this entry and silently hand it to you the next time you comment on my red sweater with black skirt or pink sweater with capris.
In all seriousness, who cares what you wear to work unless you're meeting with a client. In my book, it's more important that you get the extra sleep before setting off on your 14 hour drive to work than it is to make sure your face is made up or your shoes match (well, they should always match each other... but other than that, have fun).

sj said...

this is exactly why i think i'm fashion-depressed. i usually put great thought into my wardrobe.

i used to care! alas, i guess such is life. i think i'm just really needing some spring in my wardrobe so i can break out the long flowy dresses and unleash the hair from it's sedentary bun.