Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Time Space Distortion. or Brangelina.

cnn posted a story yesterday on their web site about the media frenzy about Angelina jolie. Maybe I’ve been out of the newsprint media for too long, but doesn’t it sound to you like when the news covers a story about what others are covering, there’s going to be a rip in the fabric of the universe and soon space and time will no longer exist?

or maybe it’s just me.

at first I thought I was going to be all out of sorts yesterday morning in the office by not watching the super bowl. I was afraid that people would be talking about it and the commercials and I was going to be hopelessly lost among current culture allusions.

Not so much, it turns out. only an email from my sister in the morning, and a review of the ads in slate made me conscious of the fact that I missed out on good television. We don’t have cable, or good bunny ears. We only get fox, pbs and nbc. So instead of watching small Clydesdale ponies, we watched a three hour Simpsons/Family Guy marathon. Fantastique.

It was in fact, the beginning of the treehouse of horror episode that made me think of the whole media/mind/space fabric vortex dilemma. I give all credit to bat groening.

so did I miss out? I read the recap of commercials, and I didn’t eat any wings, so does that make me a counter-culture loser? Should I gorge myself on French onion dip in order to catch up with the rest of society?

I’m sad I missed some great commercials, but that’s it.

In other news, I’m wearing a dress to work today, which is the opposite as to how I usually dress for work (steve madden loafers, pants, sweater, another sweater on top of that, no make up, minimal hair effort, glasses). today’s fun game is going to be counting the number of people who comment on today’s shift from the norm. there are only 29 people in my office, and at least a couple of those are out today.

so far the score is: 4. the number of people I’ve actually talked to today: 5.


KAT said...

I'm dressed up today, too. Ten bucks says SJ can recite the entire outfit without even thinking about it (although I opted for black heels rather than my knee-high boots). While packing to move, I discovered that I own a lot of dressy clothes and have made it my mission to dress up every day this week. My feet are killing me!

sj said...

i have two pairs of shoes with me today. one pair for in the office: a nice pair of cole haan kitten heels with cute pointy toe, and a pair of flat mary janes for driving and walking anywhere with a smooth surface.

the number is up to 5. i'm almost insulted. i must look really bad every other day. and the last time i dressed up like this - someone asked me if i had a makeover. bastard.

Anonymous said...

usually when i dress up its
"Do you have an Interview?"
Or as some of my friends now call it "Do you have a SPECIAL meeting"?

stac said...

We didn't watch the superbowl either. And I don't feel like I missed much.