Thursday, February 23, 2006

the great thing about moving.

KAT is packing up for her big move, so I’ve taken over temporarily in the goal to blog everyday for our viewing public.

So, I thought, in honor of her attempt at packing her life into boxes, I’d share my thoughts on moving.

The great thing about moving is that it gives you the opportunity to get rid of junk. Except, this is mostly just theory.

Because in practicality, you get tired and run out of time shortly before the move and all of your intentions to weed out half-melted candles, ripped socks and shoeboxes filled with old letters from the stuff you need for everyday life are gone, just like all of the boxes you put aside for weeks before the move when you still have at least seven boxes worth of stuff waiting patiently in a haphazard pile.

When I moved into my house, I was lucky in that my mom did most of my packing. Well kind of lucky. Really, she dumped my stuff into boxes with really no order to them whatsoever, which is pretty much fine because that's how my room was organized anyway. Just the other day I opened a box in my basement and was amazed to find one single cd in a pile of winter socks (none matched). Well not really amazed, because chances are, that cd was in my sock drawer for no explicable reason. But that’s the kind of thing that if I put some effort into moving, I’d totally eliminate.

And before you think I’m totally spoiled, I should also point out that I was busy knocking down a wall at the time that my mom was empyting my drawers into boxes. And really, I think she was eager for the storage space.

I think once you get to a certain saturation point with your stuff – whether that point is “can’t fit in an 18 wheeler” or “can’t fit into my civic” – it’s time to reflect on what you need to get through life and what’s better left behind.

Sure, you might not need that old copy of the stories of Winnie the Pooh, but really, if that’s turns that frown upside down on a rainy day, I say save it for a blustery day. And while you might have totally thought that IKEA coffee table was just what you needed last year, it may be time to unload it on someone else trying to furnish their first apartment.


KAT said...

That's so weird! SJ described my move exactly (right down to the "Winnie the Pooh" book that I just can't bring myself to get rid of) Either SJ has been spying on me or I'm more normal than I think.

stac said...

Don't throw away Winnie the Pooh! Ya never know when you might need it...