Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fever! In the morning.. fever all through the... work day.

I have a fever right now of 101.2 go ahead. ask me how I know. it’s because I have a thermometer in my car. so that’s a big “HA!” to all of you who criticize me for driving around like the equivalent of a bag lady.

I knew I was sick! Only, I feel badly asking to go home. I wish work were like school, so that when you could show a fever, they automatically send you home.

Instead, I have to manage through another two teleconferences.


stac said...

Oh you poor thing! Can you leave early? The last thing you need now is to get stuck for an hour in traffic again.

sj said...

Happily, I survived through the traffic yesterday and managed a lovely night's sleep thanks to my friend, Yellow Tail Shiraz-Grenache. Today, I'm feeling much better.