Thursday, February 23, 2006

All I do is dream...

The other day I mentioned I have weird dreams. As an example, here's one I had this morning…
I dreamt my friend Renee was getting married, as she did last summer. After the wedding, we went to my dad’s house to take pictures. That’s when Renee and I decided to wade into the pond in all our wedding finery (I was a bridesmaid, as I was last summer). We got a few feet into the pond when the bottom suddenly dropped out and we were completely submerged.
My first thought was, “Oh no, Renee’s hair is going to be ruined!” But she was just floating peacefully underwater (she was very, very calm at her wedding, which may be where that part came from). Anyway, I grabbed her arm and pulled her to the surface.
As we got out of the pond, I noticed that the water had wrinkled her dress, but didn’t ruin it. In her usual calm demeanor, Renee said that the rumpled dress actually looked good. (For some reason, she wasn’t worried about her hair or make-up and I can’t recall how they looked because we were so concerned with her dress in the dream).
We went into a bedroom and I began to fool around with a television, trying to turn it on. Renee mentioned that her mom was getting her another dress to wear, but she thought she would leave on the rumpled one because she liked how it looked.
But I noticed parts of the skirts on her dress and on mine were falling off. It turns out the skirts were covered with popcorn that had been painted gold. (I know, I’m a classy dresser even in my dreams!) I woke up while watching the gold popcorn fall to the ground.
Any dream interpreters out there? Or any weird dreams people care to share?


free lessons said...

the signs of that dream are :
1)you want to marry somebody
2)you love wedding
3)you just hungry

stac said...

Got this from -
To see wedding clothes in your dream, signifies new friends and pleasurable undertakings.

To see popcorn in your dream, suggests that you are full of ideas. It may also indicate that certain truths/facts are being made aware to you.

To see soiled wedding clothes in your dream, signifies a falling-out with an admirable person.

Interesting stuff...

sj said...

stac, you have opened up an entire world to me of dream interpretation. i checked out my dream about being shot, and it says that i may feel victimized in my waking life. i hadn't thought about that much, but it certainly got me thinking...

interesting site!