Friday, December 09, 2005

give me novacaine

today’s mood: eh with a chance of snarky.
on-going setback score: us: 11 them: 5

So we started to keep the running setback total. And quite frankly, it’s not so good.

Now, this may actually appear to be a good score. But the “us” is actually j and Chris. The “them” is me and KAT. I blame KAT for drinking heavily during the first 7 games (therefore making somewhat poor decisions – “I’ve got an ace and a 4 – I’ll go three”… “I’ve got A, K, J, and one other… I’ll pass”) and then I blame the ensuing hangover for the next 4 games. But the tide has to turn eventually.

in other weekend stuff: j finally held baby e. for the first time. I think he was smitten with his first nephew. there was bouncing, and tickling, and eventually, there was sleepytime. j put him to sleep by doing his “daddy dance,” a soft bouncy jiggle that lulled him to sleep. I’m not entirely sure how this made me feel. Warm, mostly, and clearly the baby thing has been weighing heavily on my mind.

But – still not quite ready. (maybe I’ll start keeping track of that on the top of my entries too… projected age of first child: 32)

so the title of my entry has double meaning. i confess, one is an inside joke, and the second is that i'm listening to my itunes party shuffle and greenday was on. now it's u2, "walk to the water." next up is run, rudolph run. i find that kind of funny.

i'm waiting to hear from lu to find out if i have to don my carolling outfit for a benefit in mass. that will require me to sing. i'm not feeling very festive, however. we have a foot of snow. so it's pretty. but i don't want to drive in it to go sing "let it snow".


KAT said...

Just to clear things up a bit... I WAS drunk for the first 7 games and hungover for the next 4, BUT we didn't lose all those games because of my bad bidding. Some of the losses were due to my not being able to see straight, so I wasn't sure what was in my hand. And other losses were from Chris and J being superior to us in all ways and being virtually unbeatable (do you think that will make them start reading the blog?). Oh, and God was punishing us that night, too. Don't know why, but have been working to avoid his wrath ever since.

stac said...

32??? You mean Brendan has to wait 4 more years until he gets a playmate??!