Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Rock the vote

Ok, SJ and I cannot see eye-to-eye over this issue so I think it needs to go out to a vote. So, don't miss out on this important election! Stand up for what you believe is right!
Anyway, the question is... are black nylons in or out of style? And, is there any difference between black nylons and black tights in terms of how stylish they are?
I won't tell you where we each stand on the issue, but I think this is an important debate that needs to be brought to the forefront of the American conscience, don't you?


stac said...

Black tights - Out.
I think black nylons are still "in", sort of. Depends on what you are wearing.
Black nylons w/a short skirt - Out.
Black nylons w/a long skirt/pants - In.

sj said...

it's also important to note that we're talking about black nylons with black skirts and black shoes during the day.

not that i'm saying which side of the argument i fall on. clearly anyone who knows me and my fashion sense knows where i stand on this.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... An interesting question. Just today I put on a medium-length black skirt and black tights, and wondered...am I making a bad choice?
I'll be interested to see the results.

Aunt J said...

Well, I still like black nylons--in the right context anyway. And I wouldn't turn down a nice warm pair of black tights on a cold New England day, but don't generally wear them anymore with skirts, dresses, etc. (They remind me of my beatnik days back in grade school, although I was known to wear yellow tights then as well.) I've always loved black as far as clothing goes. But I've also never been a "fashion plate" as they used to call it. Always felt like doing my own thing (that stems from my hippie days). Have I dated myself sufficiently now?

Have you tried Googling "black stockings"? Nasty business, really... Although you do find indication of others struggling with the same dilemma.

And for a whole fresh outlook on the topic, go to: whiteflowerfarm.com/38934-product.html

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

KAT said...

Still no consensus on the black nylon question, I see... My aunt brought up an interesting point about wearing crazy tights growing up. I've been known to pair dresses with black-and-silver striped tights and a pair that had fruit on them. But I also want to point out that it was the 90s and I wouldn't be caught dead in them anymore, especially at work! (YOU don't know anyone who would do that, do you, SJ?!?)

sj said...

oh come on... it was halloween when i wore my striped tights to the office....

today i wore black textured tights under a long black skirt. totally acceptable, and in fact, the tights were on display at old navy under a sign that said: "here's what's hot for cold" or something equally bad.