Friday, October 28, 2005

drat! foiled again

i had written a post. i swear i had, but the evil server ate it. i wrote..a fair amount all about my fave halloween costumes, and the 404 Monster ate my post.

So i'll have to try and recap.

I have a cold. and my nose wants to run away.... you guessed it... with the circus. and my stomach contents want to follow because of the evil post nasal drip factor. ickies, i know.

so while i sit under my blankie, typing, I'm recuperating by recalling my favorite costumes of years past, since apparently no one had any to share. (0 comments?! really?!)

favorite all time costumes really mostly are from adult life where i had the ability to make or purchase my own. except for one instance where my mom hooked me up with this awesome handmade costume, mostly my costumes were.... a tad... uh... strange. like the year tricia and i went as Swiss Miss and a Marshmallow. Despite my all white outfit and the pillows tucked around me, everyone thought I was a mummy. After the third or so house, I got tired of explaining that I was the marshmallow and she was... oh, forget it.

so. without further ado

1) the chicken. mom made this costume- and it was awesome. all fabric. i wore it for a costume contest at school, and somehow, incomprehensibly, i got voted most beautiful costume. we were in third grade, and theresa was very upset that her ballerina didn't get most beautiful. i think it got scariest. kids are cruel.

2) the tooth fairy. last year, to a party, j and i decided to do something easy for him, and fun for me. so we headed off to walmart to get some scrubs, and i altered an old costume, some tooth-shaped stress balls from United and wahla. the tooth fairy. makeup glitter and crazy hair complete with tooth antennae. so fun.

3) Homecoming Queen 1984. One year, a friend's band was playing at Murphy's, and was 80s themed. So, KAT, our friend Erin and I all went along as 80s homecoming queens. So much fun trying on the dresses at the Salvation Army. Even more fun- showing up at the bar on halloween and meeting another dressed ensemble: the nerds. We were a John Hughes' film come to life.

4) Glinda. I was such a convincing good witch that my parent's friend's grand child still thinks I am the real thing. for years after, she dressed as a pink princess to emulate me. imitation truly is the best form of flattery.

5) Zelda Fitzgerald. Some people just go as flappers. I chose to be more specific. It helped my costume to drink heavily that night.

so that's the best of the best -- at least, those that i remember. i'm sure i've had other great ones... but nothing jumps out at me just yet.

this year? well. i'll dress up at *least* once. but with my big red nose right now, only one costume comes to mind. that's right. bill clinton.


KAT said...

In high school, I had to stay in on Halloween to write a paper so I wore a bathrobe, put my hair in curlers and slathered cold cream on my face. I thought it was an ingenious costume, but everyone who came to the door just thought they were interrupting my beauty routine!

stace said...

sj - You mean to tell me you never dressed up as Scarlett O'Hara??

Anonymous said...

I think your Cinderalla costume was he best- however that witch costume- Man I have the BEST SHOT of that - you are standing over Gram and its just an awesome picture!

sj said...

jennifer, it wasn't Cinderella, it was SNOW WHITE. would i dye my hair black to be Cinderella? no i would not. i would however dye my hair blonde -- get your disney princesses straight, woman!