Friday, September 23, 2005

I want to run away with the circus. Or the cirque. Whichever.

Kristen rocks for lots of reasons, but in particular, really it was the tickets she scored for the opening night of the Cirque du Soleil in Hartford -- last night that made her rock yesterday. Not only was the show fantastique (read that with a French accent, because I'm not sure if that's a real word but everything sounds French when add the accent and "eek" at the end of it), but also because it was Connecticut celebrity night.

All around us there were major media and political figures enjoying the show. Our governor, M. Jodi, was there in the row behind us. Personalities from 96 abounded to the left, right and right in front of us (someone probably should have told D. S. that he had forgotten to take the tag off of his shirt....).

But despite all of the glittering local stars, I could barely take my eyes off of the stage. But such fun. Such glittering, twittering, dazzling, thrilling fun. I can't even think of my favorite part... the trapeze artists who I could barely watch for fear they would fall, the human jugglers who rocked out with devil horns at the end of their performance -- if they could talk, they'd be saying "YEAH! Rock on man!", the flittering floating flying from the net guy (neat party trick indeed), or the guy who juggled with his mouth.

We came to the conclusion that a) the contortionist was clearly the most popular girl in the circus and b) you must be under 5'6 and 86 pounds to be in the circus, unless you want to be a clown.

So that leaves me with clown. Which is just as well because I don't think my body would let me bring my ankles over my head to touch my nose while twirling like a top.

Unless of course I learn to play the accordian, which French music has fully embraced. My take? There's simply not enough squeezable instruments in today's pop culture.


Anonymous said...

"C'est magnifique. SJ est une bonne amie (et une tres belle fille aussi!) Je ne comprende pas bien la francaise et j'arretez voila.
-Busty LaRoux

KAT said...

I agree about tthe lack of "squeezy" instruments-- there are just not enough accordians and bagpipes in the world. How are all the small children with oversized forearms supposed to fulfill their musical aspirations without them? It would look silly to have them play the flute!
The word of the day is "twittering." Give yourself 10 points everytime you work it into conversation and don't have someone call you on it. Hurry! SJ's in the lead!

Ron Francis said...

Was Mayor Mike there? I always liked that guy.

KAT said...

Of course the former mayor of Hartford was there. I nearly didn't recognize him without a drink in his hand, but KAT pointed him out.