Friday, October 11, 2013

I have seen way too many single digit AM hours this week

While I love that FunnyKid is in preschool, I don't love the cold he likely brought home from it. The sniffling and coughing is running rampant in our family-- and creating havoc during the night as various family members are woken by their own coughing or that of someone else.

We have had a few nights this week where the dogs are the only ones asleep at 2 a.m. It is no fun, especially for the adults who then spend the day dealing with cranky clients or cranky kids while running on not enough sleep and only the energy we get from mainlining cups of coffee.

The other night, the Pretend Husband and I did our best to get to bed early to try to make up for a lack of sleep the night before. We dozed off... only to be awoken an hour later by an angry FunnyBoy, who is not only under the weather, but also teething (and angry about the whole thing). I fed FunnyBoy and had to make a couple of attempts at putting him down in his crib before he settled down and fell asleep.

Back to bed for me... for another two hours before FunnyKid began coughing and woke himself up. FunnyKid was not a happy camper and not only refused medicine and water to try to alleviate the coughing, but also refused to get back into bed or do anything other than yell at me. When trying to calm him, I felt something on the back of his head and discovered a tick. Which is how the PH and I ended up wrestling FunnyKid while he yelled "I no like this game!" and FunnyBoy woke up in the next room and started doing some yelling himself.

We got the tick off of FunnyKid and tucked him back into bed. And then I went to feed FunnyBoy again while my hero, the PH, not only read "The Teapot Book" to FunnyKid, but actually SANG it at FunnyKid's request. I don't think I would have been so accommodating at 2:30 in the morning.

Finally tucking ourselves back into bed after getting both boys to sleep, the PH and I took turns praying no one would wake up before it was at least light outside. God was on our side and no one made a peep until after 7:30, which at least gave us more sleep than we had had the night before.

Luckily, things change quickly with kids and we seem to be at the end of the illlness. Our fingers are crossed that everyone continues to heal and we can all get some sleep tonight.


Dale Janee said...

I don't have kids yet but I can only imagine what it must be like during cold season. Great post and it's so well written. Following you now and thanks for your sweet on Ashley Quite Frankly's blog.

xo from San Francisco & Switzerland

Sam_I_am said...

ewwwww. It's a shame that kids don't get the direct correlation between sleep and getting better... or at least sleep and Mommy being more fun! Aly has taken to waking up scared around 3am... every night. I hope things settle down soon!