Thursday, May 05, 2011

Yo, lady! Over here!

While FunnyKid looks A LOT like his father, he seems to be developing a similar personality to his FunnyGal mom. The other day, we walked into the waiting room of a car dealership while an emissions test was being done. As we went to sit down, I noticed two older women in the room, both concentrating on what they were reading.

As I stood FunnyKid up on my lap, he looked at each woman carefully, but they kept reading. Now, FunnyKid is used to getting a lot of attention when we're out in public. And I guess he felt that he wasn't getting the proper attention at the car dealership.

Because my little ham looked straight at one of the women, coughed a couple of times and then, when she finally looked up, gave her his biggest grin (which, of course, got her to make faces at him and comment about how cute he is). Oh man, am I in trouble with this kid!


Kelli said...

My dog sneezes at me when he wants attention.
God, don't you hate it when non-kid having people compare their dogs to your kids!
Also, you are definitely in trouble.

KAT's lil sis said...

That is so cute! We will be sure to give FunnyKid lots of attention while he is here so he doesn't have to do his whole fake coughing bit!