Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here's a tip: try smiling...

My unsolicited advice/vent for the day:
I've been a waitress and I know how tough it is to go into work happy each day and put up with all of the crap the entitled diners throw your way. And while I don't have personal experience with this, I can imagine your soul dies a little every time you have to put on a period uniform that includes shiny pantyhose and a weird little hat.

Still. If you're going to work in a restaurant that is attractive to families with kids (there's a train that runs along the ceiling for goodness sake!), you might want to show some sort of interest in kids-- parents love that sort of thing. And even if kids aren't your thing, try to put some pep in your step and even a small smile on your face. Immediately asking us what we want to drink without greeting us, answering our questions with the least enthusiasm you can muster without being downright rude and grudgingly wishing us a good day as you drop the check is not going to cut it.

We still tipped you, of course. Because I've been a waitress and I would never tip less than 15 percent. But since you did nothing to go above and beyond, neither did I. Seriously, try cracking a smile. Your job isn't that bad and smiling would do wonders for how you present yourself (and probably for your wallet, too).

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