Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A test of my parenting skills

FunnyKid and I had two funerals to attend this week (the Pretend Husband jokes that we're becoming professional mourners... hmmm, I wonder if I could make any money at it?) At the first one, FunnyKid was one of a handful of children so it wasn't as noticeable if he made a little noise. He cooed a little and made some other happy noises and then fell asleep on my shoulder for the final few minutes. I didn't have to get up and do that quick, embarrassed walk down the aisle as my child screamed and I was grateful for my little angel.

The funeral we attended today? It went a little differently. First of all, it was funeral for a priest that was celebrated by the archbishop in a stone chapel that echoed really well (I'm sure you can imagine how thrilled FunnyKid was to discover how well his sounds bounced around). On top of the fact that FunnyKid was the only child there (and I was the only other person under the age of 50), he hadn't had a chance to breastfeed before we left the house and this funeral, like the one the day before, fell right in the middle of his usual naptime.

Remember that quick, embarrassed walk I mentioned? I did it. Twice. In heels. As 30 priests tried to concentrate on what was going on. But we got through it and even had at least half a dozen people compliment FunnyKid on his behavior (OK, they were older and perhaps a little hard of hearing, but it still counts!) I'm giving myself an A for the first funeral and a C- for the second (I should have fed FunnyKid earlier). While it might not qualify me for Mother of the Year (I'm sure I was out of the running the day I pinched FunnyKid's hand with his sunglasses), I'm happy to be maintaining a B average.

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Sarah said...

I actually saw you coming out of the first funeral (I couldn't go myself, sadly, but was on my way to work as it was letting out) and was impressed you were there alone with FunnyKid! Ian is older, of course, but I don't think there is any way I could deal with him alone in church now! When he was younger he would have been fine, but now he is SQUIRMY and would NOT have sat - or let me hold him - for that long, unless he was asleep.

He did get to go to his first wake a couple of weeks back, for a relative of mine. Jim made the same joke about me being a professional mourner - there are some days that it sure feels that way! :-(