Monday, May 03, 2010

Mocking the mocktails

If there's one thing SJ and I are both big fans of, it's alcohol (OK, fine, we're fans of a lot of things, but if you've read this blog for longer than-- say-- since we got pregnant, you know we are fans of booze). And, because we are future mothers who don't want our kids to have more than one head each, we are abstaining from the nectar of the gods for the duration of our pregnancies.

And it's hard. So we've taken to drinking "mocktails" when we get together. We've tried the pineapple, orange, ginger ale, grenadine combo I concocted and I drink most beverages out of a martini glass or champagne flute these days to make myself feel like I'm partying like a rock star.

The other night, SJ came over with the ingredients for virgin pina coladas and proceeded to throw bananas, coconut extract, milk and pineapple into a blender with ice. We tried the concoction, threw a little more coconut extract into it and blended it again. Then we added some real coconut and blended it again. When we tried it, we knew something was missing and began to debate over what should be added. More milk? No. And definitely no more banana. It could use more pineapple, but we're out. What's not quite right? What's missing?

And then it hit us. It needed rum.

(Perhaps I should add a disclaimer that of course we didn't add rum to our drinks. We just sat sipping what was essentially a banana smoothie and tried to remember what rum tastes like. And we may have made a pact that each of us would bring the other a fancy drink in the hospital after we each give birth, but I'm not confirming anything.)


kk said...

Perhaps, as a throwback to your youth, start drinking shirley temples again.

as your bloggy friend, i will take it upon myself to drink for all 3 of us.

Srg said...

This is when you take out the bottle of rum, open it, take a deep whiff and then sip your drink!

Soda and Candy said...

Rum flavored extract?

Also, the occasional glass of wine will not kill you or harm Baby.

Kellie said...

You ladies are my type of gals. Hubs has already said he would bring me a bottle of wine to the delivery room. Such a sweet man. :)

Anonymous said...

Parties and free stuff… love it!
Have you checked out the Smirnoff India website? It is talking about the Smirnoff Experience parties happening in May! Also, seems they are giving away loads of headphones to anyone!