Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Something I will never do again

Number one on the list of things I will never do again is go to Wal-Mart on a Friday night. Perhaps where you live, Wal-Mart is the heart of the community and everyone dresses appropriately, speaks clearly and has all their teeth. At the one closest to where we live? Not so much.

I actually had never been there... and now I know why. Wal-Mart on a Friday night is insane. Let's see, we were treated to half-dressed people, little kids screaming their heads off (perhaps because it was 9:30 p.m. and they were still awake?) and some of the rudest, least helpful employees I've ever met.

We had to go to the automotive section of the store for the battery the PH needed for the new love of his life, his riding lawn mower. As we stood there, two teenage boys who had been checking out the stereo systems cranked a bunch of them up then ran off laughing. While a nearby employee didn't seem to mind having to scream over the noise, I did, so I went over and turned all the stereos back down (and yes, I realize how old that statement makes me sound).

Then, while looking for a certain product to cover all the gray hair that has been invading my head, I spotted an employee stocking shelves and politely said, "Excuse me." That's when she grunted at me-- grunted! When I asked her where the magic potion was that will make my head go from looking like it's 50 to looking my age was, she muttered, "last aisle, on the wall" without looking up. Ok, then.

The last straw was as the PH and I were each lugging a heavy lawn mower battery through the store and we started hearing what the PH thought was an injured bird loudly crying out in pain. It turns out it was some type of toy that some kids in the toy aisle kept making squeal over and over and over again. We hustled to the cash register, having to scoot around a trio of 20-year-olds dressed all in camouflage with the girl trying to make out with her big, steel toe-booted, NASCAR hat-wearing boyfriend while his identically-dressed friend looked on.

And that is why I shop at Target.


cfoxes said...

Nothing but fun in store, 'eh?

Audreya said...

Oddly enough, we had to do a Friday night Walmart run this week too. The award-winning outfit was a girl in a hoodie, very short gym shorts, a knee brace and COWBOY BOOTS. And not 'fashionable' cowboy boots. Dusty, well-worn, probably had manure on them boots.

I also prefer Target.

scargosun said...

I just avoid the Mart as much as possible...even the parking lots near them. Target is my place of choice.

SuzRocks said...

Just reading that gave me the shudders..... I also prefer Target. I actually LOVE Target.

But once- and just once, I happened upon a very, uh, interesting, Target. Quite, um, run-down if you will.

Upper management must've figured it out and closed the store and opened one too far for the bums to walk too.....

Kellie said...

I refuse to go to the Walmart by us. It is totally ghetto and in a bad way, not a funny way. Although I'm sure I could get some classic and great pics to post on the people of Walmart site.

Target is totally my store. I can't leave there without spending less than $100 it seems. Yikes.