Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Doesn't it suck when people post about their dreams?

It does suck when people post about their dreams, so I'll make this short. And I'm only doing it because it was funny (and in case parts of it come true). I dreamt I gave birth to a boy in a very quick and painless delivery. And the Pretend Husband and I were then trying to decide between two names: "iPod" and "The Pretenders." I never found out what we chose because, two days after I gave birth, and because the delivery was so easy, I volunteered to give birth to someone else's twin girls (not carry them, mind you, just give birth to them). And I kept talking about how unusual it was to give birth twice in two days. My sister was there, but I don't think the twins were hers; I think she was just there to visit little iPod (or little The Pretenders).

So guess all you want about what this means, but I'm warning you that one of us-- the one who didn't just have her 20-week ultrasound that confirmed only one baby-- will definitely not appreciate any insinuations that my dream is a prediction. I'm just sayin'.


Gucci Mama said...

ALTHOUGH! It could be a prediction of gender. I had dreams about both my kids before I knew their gender and both were right. Just saying...little iPod could be a boy.

sj said...

Let me just say: my first ultrasound is Friday (I know. I've waited FOREVER) and if it's twins, SOMEONE IS IN TROUBLE.

kk said...

maybe it was just a revealing dream about the fact that you and sj will be having babies around the same time. those are two babies.

those, or the ones in sj's belly.


((side note: my word verification is 'orgarm', which is VERY close to the word 'orgasm'.))

Pollyanna said...

I'm placing my vote for "i-pod" for baby #1, "bi-pod" for baby #2, "tri-pod" for baby #3. I think they are gender neutral names so it could go either way.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Pollyanna for the win! That was awesome!

Sam_I_am said...

KAT, your dreams make me so nervous. ;-) Do you know what you're having? My vibe for you is boy and for SJ girl. But I'm not laying down any money on that.