Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'll give you $10 to scratch my back... lower... a little to the right... ahhhh

I know this blog makes it sometimes seem like SJ and I live these fabulous lives filled with hilarity without a care in the world. And it is like that... most of the time. Other times, I wake up with a serious medical issue and spend my weekend on the couch fighting it off.

Take Friday, for example. I woke up and was scratching my elbows, which have been dry from the winter weather. Noticing large bumps on my elbows, I told the Pretend Husband to take a look at them. That's when he glanced at my face and said, "Your face is really broken out." Reaching up to feel tons of bumps all over my face, I ran to the mirror and discovered I was covered in hives (and the PH thought it was acne? If it had been, it would have been like taking every break-out I ever had as a teenager and putting it on my face all at once).

Anyway, as bad as the hives were on Friday, they were worse on Saturday. Laying in bed that morning, I felt my chin and thought, "It's definitely getting better." Then I tried to open my eyes... and could only get them open half-way. The rest of the weekend is a blur of going to the walk-in clinic, doping myself up on Benadryl, laying on the couch and hoping the hives would clear up before I had to go back to work.

And the cause of the hives isn't clear. I hadn't eaten anything unusual and I didn't switch detergents. The only theory that might fit is one my co-worker has about why her husband broke out in hives recently. As strange as it sounds, he had been eating a lot of citrus. And I have too, including at least an orange a day and orange juice every morning. Needless to say, I'm sticking to coffee for awhile.


kk said...

something similar happened to me several years ago...after eating WAY too many apples after a day at the orchard. Turns out I am allergic to raw fruit (it's a tree birch allergy...but I break out in hives...sometimes worse!)

I'm not saying that's what you have (because I can eat citrus) but sometimes an abundance of a food can do that.

I'd be a googling maniac if I were you!

Hope you feel better!

Stephanie said...

Yikes. And yet we can be thankful it wasn't the worst breakout of all time.

FunnyGal KAT said...

KK: Oh, I have been Googling about it like crazy! It's never happened to me before. I have a couple of theories, but the citrus one seems to make the most sense right now. It's hard not to know what caused it because I don't know what to avoid!

Stephanie: I still haven't forgiven the PH for thinking that! My skin isn't that bad that it would ever look like that unless something was seriously wrong!

Margaret said...

My brother gets hives like that from time to time and we aren't sure why. We have never been able to find a cause of them.

Andy said...

I think my brought got hives from his peanut allergy before.

Wish you would have posted a photo so I could have laughed... I mean supported you in your time of need.

Andy said...

That should read "brother" not brought. WTF, fingers of mine?