Thursday, October 08, 2009

Try really hard not to be jealous of me

Two nights ago, the Pretend Husband and I went upstairs, took our clothes off, got into bed, gazed into one another's eyes, slowly reached toward each other... and checked for ticks. Sadly, that's not a euphemism. It seemed like the right thing to do after finding three ticks on the dogs.

Oh, and that fun came after Molly suffered what we think was a seizure, which had us scared to death and moments from running out the door to the emergency vet. (She has since had blood work done and it wasn't caused by toxins, but could be the onset of epilepsy. Fun times.)

Don't be jealous. Not everyone can have as fabulous a life as I have!


kk said...

your post made me LOL! at first i was like, "Oh! It's THIS kind of post!" but then, per usual, you had me laughing.

SO scary about the ticks! Aren't you in CT too? We haven't seen any on Vito, but maybe we need to be checking! (and be better about giving him his flea and tick medicine!)

jal12771 said...

That first line was great!
*knock on wood* we have not had to many on ours.. at least not recently.. however THIS is the worst time for them. They are lookin for a warm spot now..

C said...

My in laws live in CT and their dog had lyme disease this summer. They were able to treat it and he was okay, but I don't know if it's cured or not. Very scary stuff. I also have a friend whose dad lives in CT and he has a pretty severe case of lyme. A few years ago he had blood poisoning from it and needed a transfusion. It's amazing to me that so much havoc can be caused by such tiny animals, but at the same time, if you think about how microscopic bacteria are, it isn't that shocking.

Where we live in CA we have lizards that actually prevent lyme disease, because when the ticks drink the lizards' blood, something in their blood kills whatever causes the disease. Weird, right? Y'all need some lizards, stat! I can send you some! They sometimes hide out in my dishwasher.

I hope your dogs are okay, and definitely keep checking each other for ticks!

Srg said...

I hate ticks. I'm sure I've pulled off about a million of those things from our cats in recent years. Nasty little buggers!

sj's mom said...

Your post was kind of funny to start but sorry to hear about Molly. Hope all will be well I am reading some of your comments and lyme disease is in many areas of country and iicks everywhere and a very bad disease carried by ticks especially in the west is rocky mt spotted fever! it has been around a very long time and quite dangerous. Keep up the tick checks!

sj said...

Poor Molly!! I hope she's okay.

Bailey had a tick born disease last year, but he's since been okay after a round of drugs - but we don't actually have a tick problem as of yet.

But then, considering where I'm moving to, we better get stock in Frontline.

Soda and Candy said...

Ticks freak me out. I always used to come back from bushwalks convinced I had one embedded in my skull.