Monday, October 19, 2009

Four weeks in the Renaissance will give you such a crick in the neck...

I totally stole that from Alladin. You caught me. But in truth, I have a headache, caused by a neck crick.

So, I'm a little swamped playing catch up with life since I've spent the past four weekends singing sea shanties while dressed in period appropriate clothing and working like a dog during the week.

As you would have guessed by KAT's post, it's been FREAKING COLD. So this past weekend, that meant wearing all three of my costumes at ONCE to keep warm in the 40 degree (and 38 degree) weather.

There's also the whole me moving into a new house in three and a half weeks thing that's probably causing my neck to crick. I should probably start packing in earnest. But frankly, I have not been motivated. I feel like to pack is to jinx my closing date.

But, in keeping with the pictures of me in costume, I'm including my absolute favorite picture taken of me and my very dear friend the Pope (Not really, guys. He only *plays* the Pope. I feel I had to qualify).

Huzzah! I'll be back to give you the trials of home buying/selling shortly. And by shortly I mean, you know. Within a week.

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Stephanie said...

I'm really glad you clarified, because I totally would have mistaken him for the real pope.