Thursday, September 24, 2009

I don't like strangers, so having them feet away from my underwear drawer is really hard for me.

I have worked my butt off over the past few weeks cleaning, cleaning and packing to get our house as uncluttered as possible to sell it FAST.

Not only have I been a cleaning mad woman, but I've also been a packing mad woman. You guys *know me* and my shoes. I packed away about 30 pairs - and most of my clothes including just about all of my sweaters.

I'm really, really optimistic.

So, our house went on the market on Tuesday morning. And today we have our first showings - back to back.

Thankfully, my beloved is staying home to work on cleaning what we didn't get to (mainly, the one room of the house that hasn't been packed/cleaned by me because the contents include things like "golf bags" and other such nonsense).

But, really, even I'm impressed by my house right now. My basement looks like you could hang out down there. Which you always could, I suppose, except that you'd have to pacman your way through boxes and crap everywhere. It practically looks empty right now. So much so, that I put a rug down. And a lamp with a table. I even considered getting a ping pong table.

I'm not looking forward to this being a long process. But, I am looking forward to a new house. A bigger house. One that can house all of my shoes (however, I've told J that our response for when people ask why we're moving is NOT to say "my wife has too many shoes to fit in our house").

So, while strangers walk all around my house today and judge me for my taste in furniture/paint color/carpet/curtains/wardrobe/shoes (at that point, no one can deny my taste, really), I'll be sitting in traffic praying that they like it enough to buy it when it's been on the market for three days. I can dream, right?

(I'll also be praying that they don't really open my drawers - because a) that's creepy b) they're a mess c) no one buying a house has any reason to look at my underwear. But totally just in case, I put all the Victoria's Secret ones on top, and the ugly cotton ones towards the back.)

And *if* they do, I will kick myself for pricing it too low.

And also *if* they do? And want a quick closing? I'll be homeless.

God, I hope I'm homeless at the end of October.*

*Note: God, if you're paying attention to this blog, first: thanks. Second? I mean homeless but with a pile of money to use as downpayment to a larger more fabulous house.


FunnyGal KAT said...

Oh my gosh, God reads our blog?!? I really need to watch what I say.

Also, thanks for posting, SJ. I was running out of things to write about (see: my last three posts)

Also, if you sell your house after three days on the market, I will be so jealous. I will really hate you for that (but not more than I did last weekend for making me get up at 6:30 a.m. I do have some perspective).

Also, I have an apartment attached to my house that says you will not be homeless if your house sells quickly. But, you and I would have to enter rehab after that because you know living that close to one another would involve more martinis than anyone could ever handle.

kk said...

Can you tell God to follow my blog, too? I want to boost my readership. Then she can spread the word to the apostles and stuff, and maybe even Noah's wife.

Anywho, good luck selling the house! And there is nothing wrong with having many, many, many pairs of shoes. May you find a "bigger" house in which to let them live.

Srg said...

Our house was on the market for less than a week (4 days I think) when we walked thru it during an open house and signed the contract. So anything is possible! We'll keep our fingers crossed for you!

Funny in my mind said...

Crossing my fingers for you! Sad that the shoes are packed. They will get to come out to play soon!

Sam_I_am said...

you better let them think it's because of your shoes or people are going to show up with a crib and a diaper Genie. ;-)

sj's mom said...

Yes so that is how you clean your rooms to sell??That never helped me but oh well good luck although we will miss you being up the street! And do you really have cotton undies?? I am very surprised at that!

M said...

No one should look through your drawers! That is just wrong!

I hope you sell your house quickly and find the house of your dreams so that you are not homeless. I think a house with a shoe closet and martini bar would be perfect for you!

Soda and Candy said...

Oh good luck SJ!!! Being an adult IS hard. I try to avoid it whenever possible.