Monday, August 17, 2009

We may want to get the PH in on this...

This morning before I left for work, I was lamenting to my sister that she and the World's Cutest Nephew would soon be leaving. In fact, I had woken up in a bad mood because I am already counting down the hours to the tears (mine) that will be shed when they depart after a week of staying with us.

"Well, there's one solution to that," kat's lil sis said.

"Peyton stays here with us?" I guessed. "You move closer?"

"Ok, I guess there's more than one solution," she said. "But the one I was thinking of is, you have a baby of your own."

Um, yeah. First of all, not just my decision. Second of all, let's see how sad I am when I get home from work tomorrow to a silent house without any need for me to repeat "ba-ba-ba-bottle" or "Yaaaaay, Peyton!" a million times.

(***note to lil sis: Of course I'll still be sad. I'll just enjoy not having to keep an eye on the stairs, the dogs, all doorways or the phone every second. Boy, does that boy move!***)


Stephanie said...

The urge to pull your hair out after the nine millionth time you've heard, "Why?" is slightly less when the toddler doing the asking is your own.

Soda and Candy said...


(yeah, that's all I got, sorry!)

Andy said...

Nieces and nephews are kind of like rent a baby, aren't they?

Baglady said...

People with kids are funny aren't they?

How does admitting to the fact that you'll miss your nephew equate to time to have a baby?

Enjoy your peace and quiet. :)