Monday, May 18, 2009

One-and-a-quarter animals sighted in my neighborhood recently

I should start a pool to see how much longer the Pretend Husband lets up stay in our current neighborhood before insisting we move. I would put my money on "not much longer."

Remember the tail and animal intestines I found in our yard? Well, I was walking the dogs up the street two weeks ago when I noticed what I thought was a tree branch in the road (and yes, I should know better by now, but my mind just doesn't want to leap immediately to "animal part," you know?) Anyway, as we got closer, I realized the "branch" had a hoof. It was the leg of a deer (just the leg). It was gross.

Then, just last week, I was again taking the dogs for a walk when I heard some branches breaking in the woods next to us. Thinking it was kids playing in the woods, I glanced over and noticed a dark shadow moving around. Looking closer, I realized it wasn't a shadow, but a big, black bear. Luckily, it was moving away from the dogs and me, so I was able to just stand and watch it for a bit (instead of the alternative: running for my life) It was cool.

I can see how our new neighborhood is making the PH a bit nervous. And I can understand why he won't let the dogs out into the yard alone at night. But I'm trying to find a bright side to it, too. I mean, we'll never have to spend any money on visiting the zoo. (Yeah, I know... that's a small consolation. Feel free to send me your entries for the "How Soon Until the PH Makes Us Move" pool)


Dr Zibbs said...

Sounds like a baby bigfoot to me.

Soda and Candy said...

Ugh, bits of animals.

Ah well, you don't have to really worry until you find bits of people.

THEN it's time to move.

Srg said...

We had a black bear come up to our front porch a few years back. He was cute!

But the deer leg - yuck! I'd say there may have been a coyote around to do that kind of damage. Especially after we saw a coyote chase a pack of deer in our backyard over the winter. Definitely keep your puppies in at night!

KAT's little sis said...

I don't think you should let the PH out alone in the yard at night either. The bear might get him.....

dzee said...

I hope PH hasn't seen the foxes running around with dead squirrels in their mouths or the bear that John Reddick saw in his back yard just yesterday. And did I forget to mention the mountain lion that went between our houses last year about this time and howled for its mate around 2am for about 2 weeks?
Fun times.