Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More love letters from SJ

I know, right? How freaking lazy can I be? I post like once a week, make a mad dash for your blogs, comment and then abandon the blogosphere? In truth, I have not. I'm a little busy lately with stuff, including a number of freelance consulting projects.... and that's the last work word I vow to use in this post.

Instead, I give you:

Dear Mother Nature,

Seriously? What? Have you had a really bad period for the past 3 months and we all should suffer? How else can you explain the Minnesota weather in Connecticut? I understand that it's winter and I live in New England. But cool it with the commuting-time piss poor weather. I drive a Volkswagen, Mom. I don't have the fortitude to crush large snow banks in it.



Dear Manufacturers of my awesome rubber boots,

You, sirs and madams, deserve heaps of praise. I can't believe that I can wear rubber boots with cute little cherries on them in New York and no one points and laughs. It's awesome. You're awesome. You and your pretty patterned boots are all super.

Granted, when I was on the Metro North train from Darien to GCT, I was getting some funny looks from the super trendy girl in the 4 inch stiletto boots. And I was alarmed that she may have snapped my picture to show up on Don't Spotting and therefore stalked that site everyday for fear of public derision. But no. As it turns out, my boots *were* super-cute and totally appropriate for the weather.

So thanks!

Hugs and kisses,
Warmfooted SJ

Dear KAT,

It was awesome to hang with you guys on Friday night. I laughed so hard, as I always do when I'm with you -- it was truly good times. And do you like how I pretended I couldn't possibly eat that entire chocolate chip cookie sandwich and then wolfed the entire thing down? Yeah. That was convincing. I thought so too.

You are super fantastic friends and I'm so glad I share a blog with you. I'm glad for other things too -- like how we can go outlet mall shopping together, or go to the casino together and play penny slots while the boys play poker... like maybe next Sunday? What are your thoughts?



kk said...

Hey, SJ, I'm a CT girl, too!

And seriously? Mother Nature better cut the sh*t.

If I didn't hate my commute before, this winter has totally sealed the deal!

SouthernBelle said...

aww, you should post a pic of your super-cute boots!

Andy said...

Screw Darien and its stilettos. And I say that as someone who used to go to Darien frequently.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Dear SJ,
Should I be offended that the letter to Mother Nature gets signed "Love" and the letter to a boot manufacturer gets signed "Hugs and Kisses," while mine is signed "Sincerely"? In the words of SJ and KAT, "Really?!?"

I'm just saying maybe your BFFEEEEEEE (or however that goes) should perhaps get a little more lovin' than a boot manufacturer! I mean, how often does the maker of your (admittedly, extremely cute) boots make you laugh like I do? I'm just sayin'.

As for the casino, I will check with the PH, although the last time he went, I gave him a limit for both that visit and the one with you guys, and he blew it all in that one visit-- so I'm not sure how fun he will be. But I'm confused-- do you mean this coming Sunday or the next one? This Sunday is a possibility while the following one is not.

Love and all my affection,

Srg said...

And speaking of going out, I'd like to try to reschedule our cassile's night sometime soon if you guys would be up for it.

Cause you know, we're starting to feel like the "couple with the kid." You know, the ones who get excluded from stuff cause we can't be as spontaneous when it comes to going out.

sj said...

kk - amen, sister! and yay! go constitution state!

sb- you're so right. i also wish i had them today, because it's snowing. oh well. i will take a pic and update my blog later. pinky swear.

andy - right. exactly. freakin' darien.

kat - i totally did that on purpose! i love you oodles. even though i won't hug you - cause that shit's awkward. tee hee. i meant next sunday, but let me check with j and see if he wants to do this sunday. i think he had family dinner night. (boo.)

srg - dude! we'd LOVE to cassilles with you. and yes, i used that as a verb. ANY freakin' time. what are we all doing friday night? any takers? call me anytime. we don't exclude you. we just never make plans ;)

TishTash said...

Cherry print always makes things better, in my opinion. Exception, however, must be made for boxers.

sj said...

tishtash - HA!!!

Sam_I_am said...

yay, mother nature is really getting to me too.