Monday, January 19, 2009

I would have been sweeping entire displays of Breyer's off the shelf into my cart

The Pretend Husband and I hit up the grocery store on Sunday morning, something we always try to avoid because... well, you've probably all been to the grocery store on a weekend so I'm sure I don't need to explain any further. I have to admit that it wasn't that bad because the PH pushed the cart around the outside of the store while I darted up and down the aisles, but still,

Well, in the midst of our shopping, a store employee made an announcement that some lady and her kid had won  a 60-second shopping spree and were going to be running through the store in a few minutes. Then, they warned everyone to clear a path for her, gave a countdown...  and she was off.

We watched from about halfway down the store as this woman came (somewhat leisurely) running out of an aisle and booked for the seafood department. Am I the only one who thinks it's a bad idea to hold this kind of contest when the store is packed and it just snowed (so the floors are wet from boots tracking it all in)? This poor woman was probably concentrating more on not breaking her neck than getting a bunch of free food.

We watched as no one moved out of this woman's way and she threw a couple of different cuts of meat into her cart then ran (in a sauntering manner... I would have done so much better) toward... the syrup aisle? We didn't see if she grabbed some maple syrup or perhaps some cold cereal, but would that really have been your next stop? Someone obviously never watched "Supermarket Sweep."

And you can add this one to the list of "How I Know I'm Getting Old" because my thought while watching this poor woman try to score some free meat wasn't "Oh, how fun," but rather, "Oh my gosh, what if she slips and falls? Hasn't anyone thought of the store's liability if something happens?" (Can you tell I'm married to an attorney?)


Alyssa said...

I would have gone for cheese!

Nanc Twop said...

Could she grab anything?

Then I'd head for the pharmacy area & 'personal care products' first. Or if its one of those 'super stores' go for the DVDs, & electronics ;-)

If it has to be food, spices are quick to grab, or maybe the expensive stuff from the organic products area, along with some meat & cheese of course.

*They knew she'd have it tough on the weekend!

me said...

Is she mad? Did she not go to the aisle with all the alcohol? What a waste of energy.


Sam_I_am said...

60 seconds? Seriously, I cant get to the back of the store in 60 seconds.

Srg said...

I'd be all over the organic section like a bad rash! That stuff is mucho expensive and we end up buying a lot of it.

sj said...

i'd hit up the meat department, post-haste, and i'd get there via the organic section.

and on my way back, i'd hit up the cheese section, and get as much gourmet whatever i can get my hands on.

Geiger Girl said...

Dude! SJ has got it all figured out. And now so do I, if I'm ever so lucky to win a supermarket dash!

Andy said...

Wait, THAT'S what you thought of? You never would have lasted on Supermarket Sweep, either, worrying about liability. Everyone knows you have to go for the bonus inflatable items.