Wednesday, November 05, 2008

OK, back to the funny...

I'm not sure SJ has done her husband J justice about just how funny the dude can be. He's the type of guy who might go-- let's say-- an entire card game without cracking a joke. But other nights, the boy is on fire with the one-liners, the dirty jokes and the awesome comebacks. It never fails that the Pretend Husband and I spend the car ride home going back over our favorites on the nights J is "on."

In any case, that's my long introduction to the funniest thing J has said lately. I was talking to SJ the day after Halloween and I mentioned that srg and her lovely family stopped by our new house (since we're now practically neighbors). I also mentioned that it's possible I weirded out srg and her lovely family by mentioning like 17 times how we should meet up for dinner one night at the only restaurant in town (what? is it that obvious we're desperate for local friends?!?)

SJ thought it was great that we were interested in hanging out with one another and turned from the phone to explain to J what I said. She asked J, "Honey, wouldn't it be great if the PH and KAT became friends with srg and her cool cat husband?"

J's reply was less-than-enthusiastic, though: "You know how [the PH] doesn't like to mix his side dishes with his main meal? It's kind of like that."

I'm not sure, but I think SJ's husband may have implied I'm a hot dish (either that or I'm mashed potatoes, but I'm not sure how to take that).


- C - said...

lmao ... I'm sure your not mashed potatoes!

Andy said...

Maybe you're the dessert. Or a casserole

Srg said...

Just to clarify, no we were not weirded out when you mentioned (just a couple times if I remember right) that we should get together for dinner. We love the idea! So did you and SJ go over any available dates when you were on the phone?

And I'm thinking your not the mashed potatoes in that equation!

Bryan said...

I vote for hot dish. Personally, I'd like to finger paint your sweater puppets.

sj said...

this, from the same man who made the "that's my little piece of americana" crack (turns out -- it was because i was eating pudding with a fork on a plate. whatever. i'm quirky. deal with it.)

i'm pretty sure, that you're the macaroni to his cheese.