Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm back... sort of... well, not really... but soon, I promise

Hoo boy, am I going to owe SJ for posting the whole time I've been gone. And, unfortunately, I'm not really back because we're still living without phone or Internet service at the new house (and, OF COURSE, our cell phones both broke this week so we are only using the Pretend Husband's work cell for emergencies... it's like we're living in "Little House On The Prairie" or something!)

But, fear not, we are supposed to get everything hooked up today and even if that doesn't happen (the phone company has pushed off the date three times already) we will be visiting a home with Internet service. I guarantee I will be posting photos from our trip later this week.

And, oh boy, do I have some good stories saved up from my days of no Internet access! SJ, keep up the good work for a few more days and then feel free to take some time off if you'd like. You've definitely earned it.


Andy said...

I love how not having Internet and phone makes us feel like we're living in the wilderness.

SouthernBelle said...

Boo cell phone suckage!

Busta (the puppy) ate through my cell charger's cord this weekend, so I have to get a new charger before the phone dies ; )

And yes, being without internet is completely like turning Amish.

jal12771 said...

isnt it amazing how we lived without it??
I lost power this summer for 18 hrs... and I was going NUTS... no internet, No TV, just a cell phone.... UGH!!

Hope it gets hooked up soon... miss ya KAT!

Srg said...

If you need internet access, feel free to stop by! We're a tiny island of Wi-Fi in the wilderness that is our town!

hautepocket said...

No INTERNET?! Gross! Is it bad that the main reason I hate moving is the lack of internet during the in-between stage?