Wednesday, September 03, 2008

i am fragile. no kidding.

j constantly refers to me as an overripe peach. which is practically true. i get these bruises all of the time from the slightest of bumps.

and no, i'm not abused. despite the bruises, and the broken rib last year, and the countless other trips (literally) to the er.

but imagine my chagrin when i discovered the newly formed bruise on my temple that makes me look, of course, like i have a black eye. thankfully, my super stylish D&G frames cover much of the bruise.

i think i did it in my sleep. i could have done it consciously and just not have paid attention. but yesterday all morning i had spots in my eye, which drove me to distraction.

but let's just catalog the accidents from the past four years:
chipped bone in foot
broken rib
sprained ankle
snowtubing head injury (non-concussive.... is how they described it in the er)
bruised temple

i'm going to go wrap myself in bubble wrap now.


Anonymous said...

You are so accident prone! I think you are really a toddler in the body of a woman, because they fall over all the time and bump themselves!

By the way, your sister came to visit me! I am going to have to see who is the best sister out the two of you!

sj said...

which one of them? my sister tmg just loves you (she loves you even more that she knows you're british). and my sister jal is always on the blogs.....

Srg said...

You really are fragile! I don't ever remember you being that accident prone when we were younger.

sj said...

actually, srg. i did break my ankle when i was 10. and before that, sprained my ankle when falling off my uncle's 10 speed bike and fell and split my head open on the same rocking chair *twice* requiring stitches.

Anonymous said...

From one accident prone gal to another: excellent usage of "chagrin." Me like.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I think it was jal - I don't know tmg! I want to meet them all now though! If only Kat would give me her house rent free, then I could move out to Boston tomorrow!

Stephanie said...

This is an excellent reason to be carried everywhere in a sedan chair by six burly glistening shirtless men. Duh.

Andy said...

I was hoping that by "overripe peach" you meant you felt fuzzy but tasted juicy. Evidently, not true.

Anonymous said...

F says that you and J should cut down on the 'extracuricular' activity.

SouthernBelle said...

Hi sj. Oh. My. God.

We are even more similar than suspected. I have so many bruises on my thighs at table/bench/desk height that my husband says people will think he beats me round the legs.

Over the last week or so I have: burned my fingers with a retractable dog leash, cut my finger instead of a tomato, scalded my tummy while stirring/splashing boiling pasta, and dropped a drawer on my foot.

My general clumsiness is limited to non-ER incidents these days, but as a child I broke an arm and lost the tip of my left hand ring finger. Not to mention stubbing my toes so many times over my lifetime that I swear there are no longer proper bones but just bone shards floating around in my pinkie toes. Bleurgh.