Wednesday, August 13, 2008

go ahead. google me. i know all about you.

so i'm hiring for a job at my company.

and i know i remain fairly anonymous on the blogosphere. i mean, a private detective could easily figure out more details about me. and any stalker worth his salt, i suppose. but really, i'm generally a little quiet about it. i mean. you know i live in connecticut. and if you're my sister, or KAT's sister, you may know a little more. but really. i'm pretty under the radar. which is why it's always fascinating to me when people google-stalk me.

i'm hiring for a job for my company and i *hate* hiring. i can't begin to tell you how much i hate the process. i wish the perfect person would just waltz in and start and already know the job. i hate the entire process of assimilation. but i can tell that as i begin to go through the resumes, and respond to a few, *i'm* being google-stalked. how do i know? because of this nifty little site where i've posted my professional profile -- (granted i haven't updated it lately, but it's out there and googlerific) -- that tells me (well, emails me. unless i once again accidentally hit command + f5 on my macbook.) when someone has viewed my profile.

i haven't upgraded to the subscription that tells me who, exactly, is looking at me, but it's still pretty cool. i've had four or five views since last night, and an odd spike two weeks ago, and another one about a month ago.

but anywho- i completely confess to googling prospective candidates. it's interesting to see who has their drunken party pictures posted on with quotes on there that say stuff like "i f@#%@ hate my job! my boss is a 2#@^#$^@" -- side note: i don't usually hire them.

however, if they have something i find really funny on their facebook status, etc. i may indeed bring them right in. because i like funny. i can appreciate funny. in fact, i showed great restraint by not posting a questionnaire to my job that asked: what is your name? what is your quest? and what is the airspeed velocity of an unladened swallow?

but really, you have to use your judgement. *hide* your blog and profile -- or at least don't use your real name, people.

i already found one prospective person on Facebook (she seems normal! yay!), and found another the old fashioned way -- by asking a friend who just happened to have been this dude's boss at one point.

ah, networking. it's a blessing and a bitch. depending on who you've screwed over in the past.


FunnyGal KAT said...

This seems like an appropriate time to announce that when someone Googles my name, porn pops up. Not even kidding. Not good porn though-- just some newspaper articles I did about child molesters and other criminals getting sentenced that were then somehow attached to unsavory Websites. But, still, it makes for a good story at parties.

Srg said...

And that is why I never include any work-related information/comments/etc. on any of my social networking sites or my blog. It's too easy to get burned by doing that. Besides I really like my job and my boss!

Molly said...

Another good reason I like my name Molly!!!

Mama's Losin' It said...

I search everyones name who applies to be an assistant with me. I weed out A LOT of people that way. One girls headline on her myspace page was:

"lifes a d*ck, it gets hard and then you f*ck it."

Ummmm...yeah, you might want to fix that before you start applying for jobs...

hautepocket said...

The REAL question is: How often do you google YOURSELF? :)

sj said...

oh, hautepocket my dear, you are so right!

i totally google myself. mostly because i'm curious to see what others are seeing... and make sure there's nothing i don't already know about!