Wednesday, July 30, 2008

shut your freakin' gob, banana, okay?

since molly totally called me out on the carpet for being a total space cadet and not posting (in my defense - i have a really good excuse. two really. i'm just getting over a three week hiatus of really bad decision making. one of those decisions? not blogging), here i am. blogging. but i have nothing to report.

so i'm going to make up a list of my favorite movie lines instead, mmmk? doesn't that sound fun? heck yeah it does.

1) the entire script of monty python and the holy grail. but particularly:
"old woman..." "MAN" "Sorry..."
"huuuuuuge tracts of land."
"what is your quest?"
"what is your favorite color?"
"what is the airspeed velocity of an unladened swallow?"

2) the title of this post. also from juno: "i'm already pregnant. what other kind of shenanigans can i get into?" and: "it's probably just a food baby. what did you have for lunch?" and: "can't we just, like, kick this old school? Like, I have the baby, put it in a basket and send it your way, like, Moses and the reeds?" and:
"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. This is one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."

all brilliant.

3) because it's my favorite movie: "I won't think about it now. I'll think about it tomorrow because tomorrow is another day." Scarlett. Awesome.

4) "you. complete. me." horrifically corndog, but still, i totally dig it.

5) "She's gone. She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen."
say anything. another brilliant movie.

so what about you? what are your favorite lines?


Anonymous said...

It's about time. Now, moving on....

My favorite quote is from About a Boy and if you haven't seen it, you should!

When asked if he would be a godparent to his friend's baby, Will responds:

"I'd be the worst possible Godfather. I'd probably drop her on her head at her christening. I'd forget all her birthdays until she was 18. Then I'd take her out and get her drunk. And, let's face it, quite possibly try and shag her."

Mama's Losin' It said...

All great quotes. I like:

"Your BRAIN'S the one with the shell on it."

-Tommy Boy

Monogramchick said...

Juno is by far my fav all the lines and am so impressed with people that can remember movie lines...I totally cannot.

Srg said...

Two of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies -

"...But pirate is in your blood, boy, so you'll have to square with that some day."
"You best start believing in ghost stories Miss Turner. You're in one."
- Pirates of the Caribeean, The curse of the black pearl

Matt said...

I'm got here by way of Mama Kat because of the picture you sent and she posted. My favorite line has to be from MI:2

Tom Cruise say, "She does have any training for this"

Anthony Hopkins says, "To go to bed with a man and lie to him? She's a women, she has all the training she needs."