Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And so it begins...

We took the Pretend In-laws out for a belated Father's Day dinner. In the car on the way home, we had this conversation with them:

Pretend Father-in-Law: So we decided while we were on vacation that you guys need to have a kid.

Me: What?

PFIL: Yeah, it opens up a whole new world of shopping. (Then he and the Pretend Mother-in-Law began describing all the toys and kid furniture and other items they would have bought if they had grandkids to give them to).

Me: Well, you could buy that stuff now and hold onto it.

PFIL: Oh no, I have to see the kid first. It has to be tangible.

To be fair, they DID manage to hold off from the baby pressure for the first seven months of our marriage, even though I think it may have been tougher than they let on. And sorry to disappoint, but we have a little something called a move and renovating a new house to consider before we'll even consider the request.


Anonymous said...

Make them sign a contract that they will buy all this stuff and babysit whenever you need it! You could really milk this!!

sj said...

i've been getting this from *day one* -- actually - before day one. from when we were engaged that's all i've heard about.

welcome to the club!