Wednesday, June 04, 2008

ah, family.

well, i'm sure you're all curious about a few things (and by all, i mean you, our loyal lurkers who read and don't post comments and work at large insurance companies named for a state capitol... that's right, sunshine. i know all about you...) so let me just start by saying:

holy crap. driving with a canoe on top of your car is LOUD.

we managed to get everything done that would have enabled us to leave remotely on time on Saturday for the five hour drive (four and a half if you're my speed race BIL and 6 and a half if you're my parents who stop at tag sales.. unless they're on their way home, in which case, don't drink any coffee because they stop for NOTHING).

we arrived on the islands of Lake Champlain around 2, and at the cottage (read: beautiful lakehouse on a private road because that's just how we roll) just before 3. we started fishing at 3:01.

well not really, but that's a pretty good indication of how itching my dad was for us to get on the boat and catch the first big fish.

which i did! the first day i caught a 6.5 pound northern pike. i know! right! big toothy creature!

but overall the fishing was less important for stories than just the general idea of spending a week with parents, anonymous and family. there was a song involved: "auntie sj's here today... auntie sj's here today...." and for some reason, my nephew hasn't exactly nailed the proper gender prefix for my husband. so all week long, j was known as "auntie j". it was "auntie sj and auntie j!"

j tried to um... get back at my THREE YEAR OLD nephew by calling him his niece. ("honey, i don't think he realizes what he's saying...."

silly boys.

but really the highlight of the entire week (not the night in montreal, although that was lovely) was the time spent on the boat on friday night with my sister, my husband and my dad. i laughed so hard i nearly peed a few times. i mean. i laughed so many times so hard that i felt like i had to.. oh you know what i mean.

after watching us, j mentioned that perhaps anonymous and i should get our own show on ESPN. i could just see it now. my sister casts a good 80 yards out... reels in maybe 20 yards or so and then yanks the lure back into the boat (because she doesn't like it when they hit close to the boat.) and then there's me. who caught two large toothy creatures on top water (which is fishing lingo for when a fish jumps at your lure as you drag it across the surface to resemble a frog or bug) and a) shrieked like a girl and b) thought that the fish snapped its teeth at my sister when i heard metal snap.

and i also got bit by a largemouth bass (they don't bite, and don't have teeth really) when i lipped it and didn't paralyze it -- it closed its large mouth (because it was.. you know... a largemouth ba- oh you get it) on my finger. i may have panicked a little. and i may have dropped the fish. in the boat. you know. stuff like that.

but really, the week was great. and e was adorable what with his fantastic following of protocol during our 6 a.m. carbon monoxide alarm, and his ability to fish just like mommy. (and no long cries when we throw the fish over board, so that's good.)

and we DID canoe. and we did NOT tip.

so those are the highlights and *that* is what i've been up to.

i think there may have been some stories that i missed, but hopefully, my sister will pipe up with some comments...


Mama's Losin' It said...

Sounds like you had SO much fun! Hopefully there will be more fun trips to come this summer!!

Molly said...

You lost me at fishing! I don't fish and I am in awe at you. It would have been much better if I was there making my famous martinis! A drunken fishing trip sounds even more fun!

Srg said...

Sounds like you guys had a great vacation!! Awesome job on the fishing! Ok - so your first paragraph made me all nervous as if I just stole something from a store! I promise to comment more! But in all seriousness, we really need to get together soon! (Ok, now I'm waited to get arrested by the punctuation police for over-abusing the exclamation point...)

Anonymous said...

Sj- I expected to see some photos...
Vacation was fun...its always an adventure with a toddler..
as some of you already know!

E started singing that song Friday night, around 830..that was
an indication that this 3 yr old was NOT going to bed
anytime soon. He included Auntie Sj, UNCLE J, the dog, Yamma
Yampa, Mom and dad... he was very excited to be on
My highlights I can recall. E lost his snoopy pole in the depthes
of the lake around 430 the first day. Not good. Grandpa saved
the day with a nifty contraption to tie the next pole to his life
vest. I did worry he would catch something large.. and it would
just pull him overboard.
The 'sleeping' was a little tough. As in any 'lake rental' or 'beach
rental' the 'beds and furniture' are sometimes old.
Well the mattress was too small for the bed frame, so they had
wood under the mattress... well one piece was too short. The first night
my husband, who FLOPS like the fish were were catching...flipped
and crash.. one of the boards fell out. I did not sleep well
on vacation.. because I was afraid to move!

We ate... and drank.. and ate... and drank.. did i mention ate?
Sj made an awesome dinner one night... enough to feed all of the
posters on her blog!

Friday night was a total blast... and lots of laughs! I wish we had
done that more then one night

E was very good at the alarm protocol, and he had no
problem telling the homeowners that the alarm went off and
that he had to go outside.. MORE then once. This resulted in a
savings of a couple hundred dollers.. since the guy
felt bad for us. thanks e!

I did worry at one point when SJ and J were no where to be seen
and the waters were calm and no canoe..My dad ventured out to
make sure they were still 'floating'
Next year I hope they fish out of the canoe!

the trip was fun and it was nice to spend time and laughs
with family.

looking forward to our disney trip with Sj and j

sj said...

srg, apparently you are not alone over there. i've been told that there are others at your company who read our blog too, but never comment.

but you're so right! we *really* need to get together! we're free this weekend...

Anonymous said...

Wow..can you imagine what this trip would have been like if we ,(read: sj's other sister, hubby , 2 1/2 year old and 3 month old) came! sounds like you guys had a memorable time ..looking forward to more stories!!