Friday, May 02, 2008

sj's pet peeve #525

i've come across a rash of people lately being silly with their punctuation.

i first noticed this problem about two years ago when i was getting a badge for work -- you know, one of those office security kinds of things. now i may not have mentioned it before, but i have one of those silly hyphenated names. like, Samantha Smith-Jones. it sounds a little supercilious, i realize, but i did it because i used to be a journalist and wanted a way -- once i got married -- to tie professional name to my reporter name.

but i have to say - people have a certain idea of what a hyphenated named person should look and act like, and apparently, i'm not it.

(btw -- i'm also not Samantha-Smith Jones, although that's what i was most recently addressed as on yet another shower invite.)

but i'm also not this person: Samantha Smith'Jones. when i got my badge (remember the beginning of this post?) i told the man how to spell my last name. "S-M-I-T-H-hyphen-J-O-N-E-S." but apparently the difference between a hyphen (-) and an apostrophe (') was lost on him.

i thought that was odd at the time. but then i thought it odd all over again when last week i was sitting in a meeting with a financial person who referred to this "'" as a hyphen no less than 5 times. i looked around the room at the others in the meeting, but no one else looked nearly as disconcerted as me. "But that's an apostrophe!" i thought. i started to doubt my own sanity.

is the apostrophe actually called a hyphen in some bizarre financial accounting worlds that i don't know about? or should i have shouted out what i wanted to shout out: THAT'S AN APOSTROPHE!


Anonymous said...

A hyphen (-) is a hyphen (-) is a hypen (-) - anywhere in the world! Chris is the expect on this, it is also one of his pet peeves. That and spelling correctly.

DarlingDes said...

You should have stood up, shouted "It's a hyphen" and stormed out. Don't stand for the apostrophe/hypen mix-up any more!!

DarlingDes said...

Also, speaking of the apostrophe, have you seen the apostrophe abuse blog? Apparently some people just do not know how to use punctuation!